A near perfect day

Favourite burger, favourite coffee, fresh oysters at Queen Vic, some street photography and a night out with friends in Fitzroy – Can’t get much better than that!






DSCF1946On the way towards Queen Vic

DSCF1975Fresh oysters

DSCF1978Happy fish vendors



DSCF2086The camera store


DSCF2257”You wanna have a sip?”

DSCF2268”I need to buy cheese!” Eloise at 23:45


Prahran Market

As I’m sure you know by now, Melbourne’s full of markets. Yesterday, Prahran Market in South Yarra held a Chocolate festival. At least they claimed so in their much hyped Facebook event. In reality, as Alexandros and I discovered, there were only about 4-5 retailers who actually sold some sort of chocolate. Otherwise, it was business as usual at Prahran. The chocolate that was sold was very tasty, though. We tried two different chocolate fountains, saw Nutella pizza with coconut topping in the making and got free samples of different flavours of organic handmade chocolate. Combining the chocolate tasting with some street photography and a few beers at an Irish pub afterwards made the day a pretty good one!

DSCF9553Alexandros borrowing one of my cameras

DSCF9584.jpgNutella Pizza

coffee beans (1 of 1).jpgCoffee beans

DSCF9588.jpgThe Butcher

DSCF9717-3.jpgToo much sugar?

DSCF9718Photography is fun!

DSCF9601.jpgNot so stealthy

Pana chocolates.jpgSome very tasty vegan chocolate

Maxim moved out

An era has come to its end! Max and I have been roommates since February and we’ve had a lot of fun! While I’ve been studying, he has been working, saving up some money to be able to travel. Max is a good guy with a lot of energy! Now he is going on an adventure to New Zealand with one of his french friends for 10 days, and afterwards to Sydney where he’ll attend a bartending class for a month. I’ve booked a flight to Sydney in June, so I’ll go visit before I leave Australia, after my exams.

Au revoir mon ami!

Maxim (1 of 1)-2

Maxim (1 of 1)